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The intelligence agencies in india are extremely powerful, because unlike other democracies, these officials cannot be held accountable for their mistake, corruption by the indian citizen whose life may be adversely affected. however little information is publicly available on the process of getting a job in these intelligence agencies, especially R&AW. According to information available online, usually if a person is important enough, R&AW will usually approach the person
A majority of these officials are from the IPS, army, police, according to media reports online and offline, which is fairly rigorous, with low levels of fraud, as it will be difficult to fake 20 years experience in the police or army , which have a fairly rigorous recruitment and training process.
However, the process these agencies use to recruit from top universities in India remains extremely flawed and has been repeatedly exploited by powerful intelligence agency officials allegedly in R&AW, CBI and NTRO to steal the impressive resume of their brilliant obc engineering college classmate who they are jealous of hate, and get lucrative jobs for their mediocre lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives.
The mediocre inexperienced friends of these officials may offer sex bribes to get fake references of an engineering degree, experience stealing the resume of a brilliant engineer these officials hated,according to a forum discussion. In other cases, the cunning officials may viciously defame their innocent harmless classmate, so that they can steal her resume for mediocre well connected brahmin and other women, whose powerful relative will then ensure that the career of these officials is on the fast track to return the favor.
The frauds will be promoted as experts by the top officials, who defame the real expert. yet in reality their knowledge and experience are mediocre. The lies can be easily exposed in a personal interaction, yet these fraud officials and their mediocre puppets will never have the courage to face the brilliant experienced person whose impressive resume they have cunningly stolen for their mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives. The person who will suffer due to the nepotism and casteism of these officials will find it difficult to get justice.
While a private company is free to hire whoever they feel like, a government agency has no right to waste indian tax payer money paying inflated salaries to mediocre inexperienced frauds, faking their qualification and experience. Every citizen in general and the victim of resume theft in particular has a right to protest against the waste of tax payer money .
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