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Compared to the western world the status of women in south asia has been poor. Realizing this most of the south asian countries have been trying to improve the status of women , encouraging education and making it easier for them to work. However in the last decade compared to the neighbouring smaller countries like sri lanka and bangladesh, there has been a significant decline in the status of women in India, with the number of women in the workplace in India actually decreasing.
The reason is because the all powerful indian intelligence agencies are extremely regressive in the last decade and consider the marriage of a woman more important than her education. However well educated the woman may be, if she is not married these powerful officials will consider her a second class citizen and deny her fundamental rights, Powerful officials are encouraged to sexually harass the harmless single woman for years, wasting indian tax payer money, so that she will be forced to give up her career or business, and settle down to marriage.
However these arrogant powerful officials fail to consider the many risks of marriage for women. People are very selective while choosing their friends, if they do not find anyone suitable why should they get married. Today people are increasingly materialistic, without any personal integrity, morals or values. Trusting a young woman siddhi mandrekar for a few hours, led to corporate espionage, resume theft for a webmaster, so how can a person who has been betrayed repeatedly, be expected to trust anyone to even speak for long
For a honest person finding a person who will share the same values can be extremely difficult in India today as most people lack honesty. Getting married and then divorced in short period of time due to differences is far worse than remaining single. There are numerous instances when the ex husband has defamed his ex wife uploading and circulating videos. Women are weaker than men physically and living with a person who does not respect the woman can lead to mental and physical abuse, trauma and in some extreme cases, murders which are camoflaged as accidents and suicides.
When a woman is highly educated and academically brilliant, men are likely to have an inferiority complex and will often mistreat her. If she is not a brahmin and there are few educated people in her community, she will find it difficult to marry within her caste. Additionally most well educated men would prefer to marry a smart and good looking woman, and if the highly educated woman is not good looking, she is unlikely to find a groom who will respect her. Most people may be only interested in her money, which cannot be the foundation of any long term relationship.
Indian intelligence agencies are also extremely incompetent in certain cases, making false accusations against an innocent woman without proof and using her for a human experiment with the result shared all over the world. In such cases, where people are encouraged and rewarded for cheating, exploiting the woman all over india, with lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW, it is unlikely that she will find anyone who will treat her fairly.
So instead of persecuting a harmless woman for years because she is unmarried, the indian intelligence and security agencies should show some humanity and consider the circumstances, their mistakes which resulted in the harmless single woman being a spinster. .

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