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While security agencies in India are quick to label the income of an online exporter, domain investor, Paypal account holder and experienced engineer of mostly less than Rs 50000 a month as a security threat, stealing the savings without a court order and denying the engineer her fundamental right to privacy and to be left alone,to earn a fair living, escort and call girls in India who earn far more are rarely harassed.
Some research on the internet in different cities indicated the following rate (prices in Rupees)
Upto 2 hours : 10,000 - 15000
2 - 3 hours : 15000 -25000
3 - 4 hours : 25000-40000
Overnight - 35000- 40000
Assuming that the call girls work only for 30 hours a month, they will earn more than Rs 300,000 a month. Most of their income will be in cash, mostly black money . There appear to be a large number of escort and call girl agencies in india after doing some research online and checking newspapers offline, and the rate charged by these agencies seems to be similar. Few stories of harassment, persecution of call girls, escort girls are documented.
The men patronizing these escort and call girls seem to plenty of money, and if one girl does not turn up after receiving the money, they will hire the services of another woman. Does it mean that the good looking fashionable call girls, escort girls have the license to get and keep black money in India, while brilliant engineers are expected to quietly tolerate all the defamation and false accusation that they have black money they are being subjected to without any proof to ruin their reputation and career.

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