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The recent news that approximately Rs 1.5 lakh had been stolen from the son of a MP again highlighted the fact which most of the mainstream media ignores - how call girls and escort girls in India make easy money for few hours work, while hardworking honest brilliant women professionals who have worked hard for their career are relentlessly persecuted, exploited, labelled a security threat and denied their fundamental rights wasting indian tax payer money.
In india in 2015, it appears that call girls, escort girls are far more valued by the all powerful security and intelligence agencies, compared to brilliant engineers from top colleges who make money from online exports, receiving payment through Paypal. Top security and intelligence agency officials are quick to label the harmless exporter as a security threat without any proof, just because she was earning some money, monitoring her 24/7 for more than 5 years. They fail to acknowledge the fact the exporter had invested a very large amount online and had spent many years of her life working hard, making great sacrifices as she is not married
Compared to the monthly revenues of the exporter, the escort agency girls make a similar or large amount for a few hours work (from online sources) , just accompanying men to parties and other events. For example the escort girl who was accused of cheating the MP's son was paid Rs 30000 for a few hours work. When she disappeared with the money, the MP's son again paid Rs 30000 to another woman from an escort agency. The only criteria for being an escort girl is being good looking, fashionable, well groomed and a majority of women are reasonably good looking when they are young.
No one will question these call girls, escort girls for making so much money quickly, they are not labelled a security threat or denied their fundamental right to privacy and to earn a fair living, though most of their income is black money. On the other a brilliant hardworking engineer from a top college who will make some money from exports using Paypal, after investing a large amount ( Rs 1 crore) and more than 10 years of life to become an expert will be labelled as a security threat, with her retirement savings, correspondence diverted and stolen and as many as 8 frauds falsely claiming to have her impressive resume.
A domain investor, experienced engineer making less than Rs 50000 a month, on an average, spending 8 hours daily on the computer, and investing a huge amount online, is being subjected to daily torture using the most sophisticated invisible weapons to cause great pain,memory loss after labelling her a security threat, It appears that an official in NTRO, R&AW or large companies is monitoring her laptop using hi tech equipment, making it difficult to do any work in the morning and at night.
So the message from the all powerful indian intelligence, security agency officials allegedly R&AW, CBI, NTRO in India in 2015 for women is that those working as call girls and escort girls can make a lot of money with little effort and no harassment, while if you study hard for an engineering degree, become an expert in the field, and save money, the indian intelligence, security agencies will destroy your life, steal your resume for mediocre sluts like goan cheaters siddhi mandrekar, sunaina who sleep with them, brahmin frauds riddhi nayanshree, asmita patel, veena, ruchika , and harass, cheat and exploit you for the rest of your life. .
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