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Officially education In India is encouraged, and respected, yet unofficially it is wasted, due to the double standards of the powerful top officials in indian intelligence and security agencies who are involved in resume, identity theft, which no one will openly discuss or expose to avoid harassment and persecution of these powerful officials
Middle aged single women professionals and business owner who make some money, especially from exports online are labelled as a security threat without any proof at all and subjected to terrible human rights abuses daily causing great pain, memory loss. However good looking call girls and escorts who earn far more than the hardworking honest educated woman are never considered a security threat and allowed to operate freely , looting rich and powerful men
It is well known that increasingly indian security and intelligence agencies are judging people almost exclusively according to their appearance, especially women in the last decade. they do not even give the woman an opportunity to talk, or discuss her professional knowledge, diverting and stealing all correspondence making it impossible for an experienced woman professional to prove herself. All the work on the computer is attributed to the lazy greedy cheater goodlooking friends and relatives of top officials
If a woman is good looking and fashionable they are willing to overlook all the lies, cheating and fraud of the woman. On the other hand if a woman is ugly, they will label her as a security threat without any proof, steal her retirment savings of twenty years without a court order , her resume and divert, steal her correspondence making it difficult to earn a fair living. She will also be denied her fundamental rights and be subjected to the most terrible human experiment causing great pain daily.
It is time that people, especially educated women in India are aware of the harsh reality of indian intelligence and security agencies, how they will be ruthlessly exploited and cheated, so that they can plan their career accordingly .

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