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Though a large number of women are getting educated in India, few are aware that sexual harassment of women has become increasingly common in the indian corporate sector. A majority of people associate the casting couch with the entertainment sector, they do not know how prevalent it is in the indian corporate world and intelligence agencies. If women were aware of the harsh reality of sexual harassment, they would take a career decision accordingly depending on their willingness to compromise.
Most of the top jobs are held by men and if a woman would like to rise to the top, she will need a male mentor. Most of the mentors demand sexual favors and would who agree to compromise find that they are on the fast track, with access to confidential information and great powers. When the name of the female CEO of a major private sector bank was announced, most Indian magazines and newspapers had a photo of the CEO and her mentor which was highly suggestive
On the other hand however hard working, intelligent and experienced a woman may be , if she is not married and unwilling to compromise, sleep with the men who matter, she will be systematically denied information and opportunities, defamed without proof and denied her fundamental right. In her blog, the lawyer seema sapra has mentioned that women judges and lawyers who do not compromise sleeping with powerful judges and reputed lawyers have repeatedly found that their career has been destroyed, finding it difficult to get clients or denied a fair deal. There have been changes in the political scene in the country since the blog was written, and few women bother to document the sexual harassment they face.
In some cases, especially in the indian internet sector, the brilliant and experienced webmaster will be subjected to a very cheap identity theft attempt, as dishonest top officials have allegedly falsely claimed that as many as 8 lazy greedy frauds have the impressive resume of the webmaster, to get all these frauds lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW. Many of these mediocre frauds have obviously faked their resume and are allegedly sleeping with top officials who falsely claim that these frauds are domain investors, Paypal account holders to justify the great powers and lucrative government jobs . .
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